We are ETP, WTP, STP and RO Expert in Bangladesh

We offer turn key solution of ETP, WTP, STP in Bangladesh. We provide design, consultancy, equipment, supervision, construction and maintenance of effluent treatment plant, water treatment plant and sewage treatment plant in our country as well as other countries in the world to protect our environment and as well as the planet. Our one stop solution of Effluent Treatment plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant and Sewage Treatment Plant will make you tension-free and relaxed. We also provide mineral water plant solution, PET bottle production plant, water tanks, central water treatment system, battery water plant, hospital water treatment, textile water treatment, boiler water treatment machinery and equipment, RO Water Purification systems and filters in Bangladesh. Get your service from experts.

What We Do

We are an expert team for ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) design, construction, equipment supply and installation. We provide turn key solution to ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) or STP (sewage treatment plant) or WTP (industrial waste water treatment plant). We provide life time after sale services to all of our supplied ETPs., STPs and WTPs.

Our Mission

In a word, our mission is to save our planet. We are working to reduce environmental pollution reducing water pollution by the industries. To save our mother planet, there is no alternative to protect the environment.

So, our mission is– “stop pollution, save the planet’.

Our Customers

Who are our customers?

All industries who use water are our customers. To protect our environment as well as to save our planet for ourselves and our future generations, we must stop pollution. Before discharging the waste water to the environment we must do treatment of that water to make it pollution free. ETP is the solution to that waste water treatment process.

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