RO Water Purifier / Water Filter

We supply high quality RO water purifier / RO Water Filter all over Bangladesh. We provide free delivery and installation service in Dhaka city.

Wall mounted RO Water Purifier Suitable for office, home, hospital or factory
Mobile type RO Water Purifier Suitable for office, home, hospital or factory
Hot Normal Cold 3 in 1 RO Water Purifier Suitable for office, home, hospital or factory

Frequently asked Questions about RO Water Purifier / RO Water Filter

What is RO water purifier ?

RO water purifier is a system that can purify any water even the waste water and make it drinkable using the reverse osmosis technology.

How safe is RO water Purifier?

RO water purifier can make the water 100% pure and drinkable. It is more efficient than the boiling water or using tablet to purify water.

What is the origin of your RO water purifier?

We supply water purifiers from Taiwan or China. You can choose from our product lists.

Do you provide any warranty of your supplier RO water filters?

Yes, we do. We provide free service warranty for our supplied RO filters and purifiers. But you must purchase the disposable spare parts at your own cost.

What will happen after the warranty period be expired, will you provide services to your supplied RO water purifier?

Yes, we will. After warranty period be expired, we charge a small servicing fee to provide services to your water purifiers.

How may years can a water purifier provide service?

A good quality water purifier can give you services more than ten years. If it does not face any unwanted accident.

What the price of water purifier in Bangladesh?

The price of water purifier is from 8000 taka to 75000 taka depending on its type, capacity and manufacturing company.

Do you provide free installation services?

Yes, we provide free installation services in Dhaka city. For outside Dhaka, we demand a transportation cost for our technicians.

Do you provide free delivery of RO water purifier?

Yes, we provide free delivery inside Dhaka. For outside Dhaka, we require a courier cost for delivery of RO water purifiers.

I want to buy a RO water purifier, what should I do?

If you want to buy a water purifier, you can contact us, or call our sales team. Our sales team will give you instructions to proceed your order.